Why Greenville?

Zuendt Engineering is headquartered in Greenville, and today, we thought we would share a little more about our home.

Greenville has been praised countless times as a stellar residential area, somewhere for families to settle down in. However, in recent years, the Southern city has blossomed into a tourist destination, and may be the perfect location to visit for your next weekend getaway.

This week, it is the venerable Southern Living giving some kudos to Greenville.

Greenville perfectly blends attractions in every aspect of tourism. One of the best examples of this is in the hotels found scattered through Downtown. Visitors who prefer their accommodations to have a bit of a historical touch may want to stay in the Westin Poinsett, which opened in 1925. Those who crave something newer might prefer the brand new AC Hotel. Those who do not like conventional hotels and would rather stay somewhere more unique or intimate could look across Greenville for bed and breakfasts, such as the Historical District’s Pettigru Place Bed and Breakfast.

Additionally, Greenville offers something to do for everyone, no matter their age and interests. Downtown Greenville sports the Greenville Zoo, M. Judson Booksellers (where visitors can find a wide selection of literature, including  a curation of Southern authors), Greenville County Museum of Art, and all of the restaurants that made Greenville a foodie destination. Just outside of Downtown is the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Grocery, where people looking to enjoy the great outdoors can walk or bike the extensive trail and people looking to not enjoy the great outdoors can enjoy food from local sources.

With something for everyone in your family, no matter their interests, check Greenville out for your next weekend getaway.