Alex gets interviewed by Fete

Our founder, Alex Zuendt, recently got interviewed by Fete Magazine, which is a cool online magazine and social media platform that examines all things Greenville.

Here is a snippet of the story:

What has been your favorite project in Greenville?

 I don’t have many favorite projects, each one is unique and that is why I run my business.  Working with Half Moon Outfitters & Tetrad Brewery on their upfit on Stone Avenue has been a challenge and rewarding seeing how you can fit the uses within the existing building.  That project will work well with the North Pointe project on Stone Avenue and hopefully strengthen that neighborhood. Maybe River Street Sweets may challenge this project, but only because they will make chocolate!!

What is the most exciting part of your job? 

Solving challenging engineering solutions for my clients. Ultimately this saves them time and money. I also enjoy meeting new potential clients and showing them how we can present new ideas and engineering methods based off of my experience.  

What motivates you? 

Trying to be the best firm out there. I have a cousin who ran Wells Fargo back in the early 1990s. When you see your name in a newspaper or magazine (because my name is so common!!) it motivates you to go out and try and succeed. So from that point on I wanted to run my own company and build it up into the best engineering company that is out there.