Behind the scenes

Prospective buyers need an advantage over their competitors. Zuendt Engineering is that advantage. We provide a prospective buyer multiple property layouts for subdivision development, commercial site layout, and industrial layouts,… Read More

Wild Guesses

By almost all economic measures, the Greenville area is poised for dynamic growth over the next few decades. Like many in the region, we at Zuendt Engineering are excited by… Read More

The Right Stuff

Zuendt thoroughly enjoys every aspect of our job, from design work through construction to the personal iteration with clients. Our goal is to ensure every client has just as much… Read More

Never forget

Quoting George W. Bush today from the speech that he gave to the American people 19 years ago. “Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came… Read More

Zuendt in the News

The Zuendt Engineering team has had a lot happening of late. Here are some of the stories you may have missed. Matthew Violano in Upstate Business Journal. Brittany Seo in… Read More

Meet Colleen Breen

Colleen Breen is another new member of the Zuendt team. She wotks with our clients and partners as a CAD Designer. Colleen’s project experience includes Piping Engineering, Plant Design, and… Read More

Welcome Brittany

Quick Friday Spotlight on our new engineer, Brittany Seo. Brittany joins the team from Tennessee Technological University to serve as a Civil Structural Engineer, but that is only part of… Read More

Welcome to Brent Ward

Brent Ward has joined out team as a Business Development Specialist. Brent earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Prior to joining Zuendt, he… Read More