Civil Engineering continues to grow

Passing along some exciting news from the civil engineering industry. Johns Hopkins University has expanded it civil engineering program. The school’s reimagined Department of Civil and Systems Engineering will explore solutions related to human safety and security, space exploration and habitation, decision making and health, future energy infrastructure, and urban resiliency.

According to Lori Graham-Brady, who served as the chair of civil engineering and will continue that role in the newly created department, “We make this move with one goal in mind: to prepare students to address the complexity of major challenges facing society in the coming decades. Academics and research will be outward-facing, recognizing that infrastructure is defined not only by the built environment, but also by how that built environment interacts with its inhabitants and the societal systems it supports. We call this new vision ‘civilization engineered.”

Zuendt Engineering is excited to hear about these great changes in the education side of our industry. As a firm that works through the country and with two offices in the Southeast, we see the need for higher standards and stronger curriculum in the civil engineering profession.