Greenville is growing

Zuendt Engineering’s headquarters  is located in the heart of one of America’s most vibrant downtowns in Greenville, South Carolina. While the downtown has become known for its Southern charm mixed with a modern feel and poured over a waterfalls and river running through, Greenville remains a business city at its core.

So, it should come as no surprise that it is growing. Planners expected as many as 220,000 to move here in the 20 years, bring our population to roughly 750,000 people.

Greenville County’s challenges are unique and at cross purposes — housing more than 10,000 new arrivals a year; attracting 5,000 jobs annually; boosting economic development along limited interstate frontage; strategically maintaining and expanding precious road and sewer infrastructure; all the while promoting quality of life and making sure the county’s open spaces and rural land to the north and south aren’t destroyed.

Zuendt thoroughly enjoys every aspect of our job, from design work through construction to the personal iteration with clients. Our goal is to ensure every client has just as much satisfaction with us and our work. Zuendt values frequent communication with the client, honesty, trust, and hard work above all. There is no doubt that we will exceed all your expectations, both professionally and personally.