Jim Crandall Joins as Managing Partner in Florida

Zuendt Engineering, has added Jim Crandall as its managing partner for its Florida office.

Crandall earned his bachelor’s degree in civil/environmental engineering from the University of South Florida. Before joining Zuendt, Crandall served three years as the senior vice president of CHA Consulting, Inc. His other previous titles include vice president of Gannett Fleming, vice president of DLZ Corporation and senior vice president/operations manager of Malcom Pirnie, the Water Division of ARCADIS.

Crandall has years of industry knowledge with environmental awareness, civil and environmental engineering, water resources and construction management, said Alex Zuendt, the company’s founder.

“At Zuendt, we believe experienced partners are crucial to providing the best service,” Zuendt said. “I am confident that Jim’s level of expertise is going to elevate our performance.”

Crandall will lead the firm’s Florida division and be in charge the Florida office’s team, workload, client work, and projects. Additionally, he’ll be in the community networking and managing business development.

“The Tampa region is a fast-growing area,” Crandall said. “We want to be strategic with our partnerships and how we help with that growth.”