Pumped Up for Five Forks Project

At Zuendt Engineering, we are here (claps hands together) to pump you up. Ok, not really, but our team will be doing the civil design, site design and landscaping for the new home of Five Forks Athletics on Scuffletown Road. They currently are just off Woodruff. We teamed up with Cunningham Waters Construction Inc and Bo Garland, Architect.

This project takes some clever thinking because we have to create a workout space that is inviting to newcomers, but familiar so that the gym veterans want to keep coming back. This takes a lot of engineering strengths to make this happen. But of course, we are up to the challenge because that is what we do. Zuendt Engineering is a full service civil and structural engineering firm.  Our philosophy is to provide the best engineering solution tailored to each individual problem.  Our team of experienced professionals have spent their careers in the field ensuring that designs can be constructed efficiently and on schedule

Just don’t ask us to do squats.