Big things happening in SC

The engineering world is about to get crazy in South Carolina, which is were Zuendt Engineering is headquartered. There is $2.5 billion coming from the federal rescue plan. A large… Read More

Site Design 101

As a critical partner of the design team, Zuendt Engineering develops site plans, and a strategy to lead the project team though the complex permitting process. Our practical and construct… Read More

The Green in Greenville

Greenville is a foodie’s paradise. Anyone who lives in the city, has visited it, or regularly reads articles about “must-visit cities in the South” knows that. While a lot of… Read More

Happy Fourth of July

The people who signed the Declaration of Independence 245 years ago were the engineers of the American dream. They created the framework, and it is our duty to continue to… Read More

The Upstate SC Alliance

Zuendt Engineering is a proud member of the Upstate SC Alliance. What is the Alliance? Formed in 2000, the Upstate South Carolina Alliance is a public/private regional economic development organization… Read More

Honoring Memorial Day

Let’s take this day to honor and remember those who came before us and gave their all.

What do we do? Site Layouts

Prospective buyers need an advantage over their competitors in South Carolina and Florida. Zuendt Engineering is that advantage. We provide a prospective buyer multiple property layouts for subdivision development, commercial… Read More

Another win for Greenville

Greenville was featured heavily in a big front page story in the Wall Street Journal this week about metro areas that are leading the way when recovering from the COVID-19… Read More

Contact Zuendt today

There are lot of civil engineering projects happening right now in Florida, South Carolina and throughout the Southeast. You need a firm that can work with you and help you… Read More