A Due Diligence Checklist

Prospective buyers need an advantage over their competitors. Zuendt Engineering is that advantage. We provide a prospective buyer multiple property layouts for subdivision development, commercial site layout, and industrial layouts, by using state-of-the-art technology.  Here are ten things to think about when it comes to due diligence on your engineering project.


  1. Size, shape, locational setting and topography.
  2. Property’s legal encumbrances due to easements, rights of way acquisition, or eminent domain.
  3. The future land use designation and zoning, and whether it will be necessary to re-zone the property.
  4. Review of future land use regulations, zoning regulations and the land development code.
  5. The uses and characteristics of adjacent properties.
  6. Presence and extent of wetlands and/or threatened and endangered species.
  7. Soils types and the depth to seasonal high water table.
  8. Sewer and water utilities – what they can handle.
  9. What are the agencies (both local, state and federal) that will have jurisdiction in the civil engineering and land planning.
  10. Storm water management and drainage criteria and how these regulations will impact the civil engineering design and the size of the retention pond.