Engineering relationships are important, whether you are working with developers, owners, architects, facility managers, builders, or government officials. We recognize the unique skills and perspectives that builders, designers, and planners all bring to a project. Our team has the experience to utilize these special skills and perspectives and how they relate and fit together in order to provide professional engineering services. Our ability to coordinate these relationships saves you time, money, and undesired delays. Once we understand your project needs, we can put the right team in place to ensure your project is completed in a professional, timely, and cost-effective way.

From inception, Zuendt Engineering has surrounded itself with accountable, responsible and professional relationships to make sure that every project we are attached to meets or exceeds the true standard of success by fulfilling the aspirations of our clients.


We understand the project pressures of owners and developers. If you are a developer or owner that is just starting out or looking to improve, our experienced team of engineers will work with you to plan, permit, and design your project to achieve your desired outcome.

A successful project is dependent on good communication between our project managers, engineers, and the client. To ensure the quality of their work, our project managers are in regular communication with each client, ensuring they receive a design that reflects their initial concept. In the end, our clients receive a completed product that is delivered on-time and on-target.

We can create a design that will turn a vacant piece of property into a commercial development, industrial park, environmentally friendly stormwater conveyance system for large impervious areas, or an attractive sub-division.  We also conduct site due-diligence and feasibility studies to evaluate potential investments and identify possible unforeseen pitfalls – all tasks that commercial customers value highly. We can’t construct your building, but we can help solicit bids, select a contractor, and oversee construction.


architectsArchitecture is defined as the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. The relationship between the architect and engineer can be complex and varied. The architect might create a design, then let the engineer figure out how to make it work. Sometimes the architects and designers work closely together on the design from the very start. Other times, engineers take on the tasks of the architect and create amazing buildings. The success of any construction project depends on a combination of communication, skills, and expertise.

Our relationship with architects begins early in the process, allowing us to gather information on the type of facility begin designed. We seek to understand any conceptual plans, our scope of services, and produce an estimate/evaluation of the project. Once these details are established, we move into Building Information Modeling (BIM) using REVIT and other Autodesk Infrastructure Suite programs, the industry leading building design software to get your ideas from concept to construction.


Facility Managers

Engineer-SIgning-DocumentWhether you are adding on to an existing building or adding in platforms or stairs, we have the relational experience to integrate the concepts of client, architect and engineer into a beautiful and professional design. We consider the environment, the functional and economic demands of the project, and the advantages of designing pleasing and positive environments in which to live, work and play.

We have experiences with multiple types of facilities within many different industries. From concept to completion, we bring a high level of experience and knowledge to every project. We put together teams that will listen to the client’s needs, are committed to controlling costs, and are capable of working within a professional partnership. By clearly communicating individual responsibilities and roles, Zuendt Engineering will deliver your project according to your ideas and goals while ensuring that your project complies with all codes and regulations.


construction-engineeringThe Zuendt Engineering team brings previous construction experience to the engineering process. We understand the significance of having knowledgeable and experienced people in place to achieve your construction goals. While contractors are concerned with the actual work they are contracted to do, we are concerned in seeing that all the work is performed according to the project specifications and plans. The relationship between the contractor and engineer should be one of cooperation and collaboration which improves the overall quality of the project.

Zuendt Engineering offers design-build services utilizing qualified designers that meet the specific needs of the client or project. This provides a turnkey solution by building a team of contractors, architects, and engineers that can work together, reducing potential risks and conflicts associated with a project.

Zuendt Engineering also has vast experience in modularization services. Construction practices change over time and building a structure piece-by-piece has been replaced by construction that is done off-site, in a safe environment, and then transported and assembled at the predetermined location. This makes the building environment safer and can help save both time and money. The continued advances in construction equipment makes modularization possible.

Zuendt Engineering helped to modularize Duke Energy’s, Cliffside Steam Station Unit 6 during construction, in order to save construction time and budget.  We will review your construction project and work with the owner or the construction company to identify which structures would benefit from modularization. We will also perform an analysis of the structure to ensure it can handle being lifted in sections versus being stick built, and prepare the lift plan to ensure the craft will perform the lift safely.


GovernmentThe relationship between the engineer and elected officials is a unique one. Professional engineers bring the practical, economic, legal and ethical viewpoints to the legislative process. Zuendt Engineering provides advisory services to planning and zoning boards, boards of education, and municipal and local governing bodies. We can also assist you in compliance with all federal, state, regional and local regulations, and in low interest loans, permits, and securing grants.

Services offered to municipal clients include reports and preliminary studies, surveys, designs and construction supervision for:

  • Zoning map updates
  • Drainage systems
  • Preparation of computerized tax maps
  • Street and Road improvements
  • Master planning
  • Storm and sanitary sewers
  • FEMA studies
  • Stormwater management
  • Environmental impact studies and assessments
  • Parks, recreational complexes and multi-use fields
  • Site plan review
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Streetscape
  • Flood control

We understand the challenges placed on government project managers, and work with each client to produce successful projects no matter the challenge: sustainability of public lands, safeguarding assets and symbols, or supporting the limitations of government austerity. Zuendt Engineering provides projects through an combined method, including a combination of our master planning, economic analysis, architectural and landscape design, engineering, and program/construction management expertise. As a leader in constructibility, we recognize the challenges associated with the development of high-performance facilities, which must also adhere to high standards of environmental compliance.