Zuendt Engineering believes the project begins before the client buys a piece of land. By using state-of-the-art technology, Zuendt Engineering will evaluate each piece of property being considered by the client to find out which property will generate the highest profit margin available.

Due Dilegence & Site Layouts

Prospective buyers need an advantage over their competitors.  Zuendt Engineering is that advantage. We provide a prospective buyer multiple property layouts for subdivision development, commercial site layout, and industrial layouts, by using state-of-the-art technology.  Multiple scenarios can be run on one property or multiple properties in one day, along with a preliminary construction budgetary number.  All information is presented to the client so they can make the best decision as to which property provides the greatest return on their investment. Zuendt Engineering will perform a thorough records search to find out if there are any restrictions on the subject properties to best ensure the owner/potential buyer will not have any surprises throughout the offer and closing process.

Planning and Zoning Reviews

Understanding zoning regulations to ensure you have the correct land use or if you will be looking at applying for a zoning variance is critical if you already own a piece of property and would like to develop it, or if you are looking at potential property to purchase for a certain land use.  Zuendt Engineering will inspect the property and the zoning maps and provide a report indicating which land uses are appropriate for the property and what type of improvements can be made.

Applying for a zoning variance could be a costly venture if you have the wrong engineering staff.  Zuendt Engineering is familiar with the zoning requirements and is ready to help you  navigate the process of a zoning variance.  We will work with the owner to ensure the application will be passed the first time, minimizing the expenses of numerous submissions.

Environmental Assessments

What good is a site if you cannot improve on it?  Over the past 40 years, the Federal, State and Local governments have been implementing rules regarding wetlands and other environmental features.  Natural buffers and other features are needed to protect these wetlands and waterways to ensure the health of our planet.  Unfortunately, if an owner does not have accurate and clear information prior to purchasing a site.  (For example, a site may be covered 50% covered in wetlands.  Once the natural buffers are accounted for, the allowable buildable area is only 25%).  Zuendt Engineering will survey the site at the request of the owner and perform an environmental assessment.  We will provide a study showing any limitations on the site and what the impact will be to the bottom line should any limitations exist.