A great look at Greenville

Zuendt Engineering is proud to call the City of Greenville home. This is a city that is growing and expanding. The State Newspaper

recently did a great look at what the future of Greenville could like — both the challenges and the opportunities. It honestly is a great time to be living and working in Greenville.

Here is something we felt was key in the article:

Greenville will spend the next 20 years fixing what the last 20 years have wrought. The Upstate city has grown its way to a lively downtown, a hub for big industries and an increasingly popular reputation. That’s the widely told Greenville Story. But the consequences are an increasingly less diverse population and increasingly unaffordable neighborhoods threatened by commercial creep. Now, the city promises to listen to the voices it ignored in the past and right some of those wrongs of progress. Will it? Or will Greenville continue to grow into a city that’s only great for some of its residents?