A Plan of Action

As a civil engineering firm, we love plans. It’s kind of what we do. Short-term, long-term, medium-term, we are plans.

We also are fans of our headquarters city, which just completed the draft of a 20-year master plan to make Greenville even better than it is today. Some of the highlights:

  • Preserve up to 35% of Greenville’s remaining vacant land as open space or parkland “to bolster quality of life” and protect the environment.
  • Make at least 10% of all Greenville’s new housing income-restricted, up from the current 8.5%, to support affordable housing in the city.
  • Diversify transportation on major thoroughfares, making walking, biking and transit accessible and safe alternatives to cars.

That is some pretty cool changes for a city that already is considered one of the best in the nation.

Click here to read the entire plan.