Building Relationships

Engineering relationships are important, whether you are working with developers, owners, architects, facility managers, builders, or government officials. We recognize the unique skills and perspectives that builders, designers, and planners all bring to a project. Our team has the experience to utilize these special skills and perspectives and how they relate and fit together in order to provide professional engineering services. Our ability to coordinate these relationships saves you time, money, and undesired delays. Once we understand your project needs, we can put the right team in place to ensure your project is completed in a professional, timely, and cost-effective way.

From inception, Zuendt Engineering has surrounded itself with accountable, responsible and professional relationships to make sure that every project we are attached to meets or exceeds the true standard of success by fulfilling the aspirations of our clients.


We understand the project pressures of owners and developers. If you are a developer or owner that is just starting out or looking to improve, our experienced team of engineers will work with you to plan, permit, and design your project to achieve your desired outcome.

A successful project is dependent on good communication between our project managers, engineers, and the client. To ensure the quality of their work, our project managers are in regular communication with each client, ensuring they receive a design that reflects their initial concept. In the end, our clients receive a completed product that is delivered on-time and on-target.

We can create a design that will turn a vacant piece of property into a commercial development, industrial park, environmentally friendly stormwater conveyance system for large impervious areas, or an attractive sub-division.  We also conduct site due-diligence and feasibility studies to evaluate potential investments and identify possible unforeseen pitfalls – all tasks that commercial customers value highly. We can’t construct your building, but we can help solicit bids, select a contractor, and oversee construction