Governmental Relations

The relationship between the engineer and elected officials is a unique one. Professional engineers bring the practical, economic, legal and ethical viewpoints to the legislative process. Zuendt Engineering provides advisory services to planning and zoning boards, boards of education, and municipal and local governing bodies. We can also assist you in compliance with all federal, state, regional and local regulations, and in low interest loans, permits, and securing grants.


We understand the challenges placed on government project managers, and work with each client to produce successful projects no matter the challenge: sustainability of public lands, safeguarding assets and symbols, or supporting the limitations of government austerity. Zuendt Engineering provides projects through an combined method, including a combination of our master planning, economic analysis, architectural and landscape design, engineering, and program/construction management expertise. As a leader in constructibility, we recognize the challenges associated with the development of high-performance facilities, which must also adhere to high standards of environmental compliance.