Tampa, here we come

Zuendt Engineering has officially opened its first Florida office.

The Greenville-based firm has purchased the four-person Johnson-Frey-Turzak Group in New Port Richey, part of the Tampa Bay area. The office has been renamed Zuendt Engineering.

Founded in 2014, Zuendt Engineering entered the market with the philosophy of putting clients first and treating client’s goals as the companies’ own. This full service civil, structural, and land planning firm provides the best engineering solutions tailored to each individual challenge. By hiring the most talented and experienced professionals for the job, Zuendt Engineering can ensure their client’s needs will be met.

“The Florida acquisition is a strategic step for us,” said Alex Zuendt, CEO and founder of Zuendt Engineering. “This allows us to grow our business in a region we have been working in for some time. We felt that acquiring a team down there was our best move in terms of expansion.”

In addition to the acquisition and expansion in Florida, Zuendt will be hiring an engineering lead for the new office.

Zuendt Engineering’s pledge is to offer the most cost efficient engineering solutions from the ground up. Whether the client is asking for conceptual services, design or construction oversight, the experts at Zuendt reassure that designs can be created efficiently and on schedule.

Some of Zuendt Engineering’s clients include Fluor, Smithfield, and Georgia Pacific. For these and others, Zuendt offers services ranging from site layout, planning, zoning reviews and environmental assessments. The firm uses state-of-the-art technology in evaluating and generating these services to support the client in making the most profitable decision possible.

“We are excited to plant our flag in the Tampa market, and look forward to extended growth there,” Zuendt said.