Local Engineer hired for NEXT Manufacturing Center Project

“Braasch Building Group, partnered with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s NEXT business incubator program on the NEXT Manufacturing Center as a co-locating workspace for the high-technology, high-growth manufacturing startups.”  – Upstate Business Journal


Zuendt Engineering partnered with team by adding value in areas of civil and structural to the project. “We renovated the existing wooden structure which had deteriorated over the past 100+ years. And we brought the site up to current city regulations and specifications” stated Zuendt. The engineering firm recommended the use of low impact repairs to sagging and cracked beams to strengthen them. They did this through utilizing epoxy to fill the cracks which eliminated costly replacement. Zuendt Engineering was involved in Phase I and II.


Let Zuendt Engineering help you with your civil or structural challenges on any size project existing or new. Zuendt Engineering will minimize your cost and maximize your return. Reach out through contact information provided below.

NEXT Manufacturing will honor industrial past while looking to future